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Update time.

Hello all....tis your lovely semi absent mod here. I just wanted to tell everyone about some changes that are being made, well ok one change. Since the posts are moving so slow we will be moving things by weeks, you can be anywhere within that week and if you so feel the need you can tandem post, some weeks will be posts specifically to move plot, and others can be just exposistion story telling (sex) posts *evil grin* I don't want any character to get stuck in a rut or get stuck wondering what their purpose is so lets help everyone maintain a purpose...thanks guys.

*format for posting modeled after a_new_night*

Week: *post the week it is*
Location: Where your post is taking place
Summary: *is your thread in progress or is it finished.* If the thread is finished you will go back and summerize what happened especially if it goes past 20 comments and something important happens.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We are currently in week one, but as soon as the giles, Lorne post is finished we will be moving into week two. Now on to who I haven't seen posts from in a while.....not angry cause I haven't been the bestest mod ever, but I do want this comm to be active so here goes.

Elizabeth (oc)
Tabitha (oc)
Julie (oc)

I know some have good reasons as to why they haven't posted, I fully understand...so if you don't have a reason please I beg of you post and get in the game...Wes, can you come back by the hotel in week two and see if you can make amends with the team. Lorne, open your bloody club already *giggle* Elizabeth show up in week two to LA ready to help Giles and work with Lorne...Anyone unsure what to do please by all means let me know I will help, if you have any questions please email, im or comment here. Thanks everyone, you all are awsome.
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