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Edited the list...

Thanks all for being so awsome. You all ROCK

Buffy - If you could post with Giles and Angelina about plans to come to LA and run the council from there And what they will do with Angelina's young sister who will also move with them.

Gunn - you will post and talk about how much you miss being with Fred and thread with her.

Wesley - We are going to bring in Faith later so if you could post something just about getting back with the group and mending old bridges so o n so on...that would be great.

Spike - well hon, I havent a clue what you can post about so why don't you thread with Angel and annoy him...oh wait, you are the same person...well talk to yourself then.

Julie - will post with Xander and talk about how you two are getting closer.

Faith - you are coming to LA and you will eventually come to the hotel and run into Wesley first.

Dawn, Caitlen, Tabitha - you three will post just about the move and getting ready and actually moving.

The order has gone out the widow as I am now looking at it and it made no sense. Thanks guys, you all kick much ass. Know just how awsome you all are. Thanks for staying with this comm through the good and bad. You all Rock!!!
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