Elizabeth Marie St. Croix (st_croix) wrote in inthenow_ooc,
Elizabeth Marie St. Croix

hello all...

i dont know if/how many of you were in here when i played in here before...hmm...

but yeah. im going to be introducing a potential slayer to the group. Elizabeth Marie St. Croix.

background: 17 years old, born and raised in New York City. Father is Colin St. Croix, CEO of the largest telecommunications business in New York. Mother is Helen St. Croix, who left when she was three. Shes never heard from her since. Elizabeth (Liz to her close friends) is SPOILED! In New York, she got whatever she wanted. New clothes every week from Nordstroms and Abercrombie? No problem. New spirts car for her birthday? Fine. Shes never had to work and went to Colombia Grammar and Preparatory School her entire life. Elizabeth's father always knew that she would be a slayer. Quite a few slayers were in her lineage and it was about time that another one popped out of the family tree. Thats why her mom left. But Elizabeth only finds out when her father gets a call that Elizabeth needs to get sent to be trained. To get ready to battle.

uh..yeah. lol.

aim: myheartisuseless
email: kaokat@sbcglobal.net

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