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You all Rock!! and lets get on with the show.

Hello all, This is your loving mod to tell you that we are going to get things underway. There are only certain people that I want to start out. The following people need to start out...

Angel - His feelings about Connor and the renovations finally being finished on the hotel.

Lorne - His feelings about his new club opening, and what have you.

Willow - Going to get coffee, will run into Lindsey and that is literally, and they will bond.

Connor - his dealing with Angel and what have you.

Cordelia - her feelings about coming out of the coma and remorse from what her evil self did (Nikki love, we will work on a more formal plot for you on monday, love you, I have lots of ideas.)

Faith - It would be nice for her to come back on her own, possibly after ending things with Wood, you can meet up with Wesley first if FG is ok with that.

Buffy - If you could post with Giles and Angelina about plans to come to LA and run the council from there And what they will do with Angelina's young sister who will also move with them.

Spike - well hon, I havent a clue what you can post about so why don't you thread with Angel and annoy him...oh wait, you are the same person...well talk to yourself then.

Gunn - you will post and talk about how much you miss being with Fred and thread with her.

Julie - will post with Xander and talk about how you two are getting closer.

And then Dawn can you post your feelings about moving yet again and thread with Caitlen (Who I am playing in this comm) and talk about whatever. If you want include Tabitha, otherwise she will wait.

That should be the order that you post in. I hope that everyone is as excited about this as I am and know just how awsome you all are. Thanks for staying with this comm through the good and bad. You all Rock!!!

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