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New Plot beginnings, tell me what you think.

If I missed anything let me know, as for Cordy, Nikki, the question remains, do you want her to have already come out of the coma? Lemme know k thanks.

After the big battle with Jasmine and Connor went off the deep end, Angel called in Willow for help with him, not to take his memories, but to do a spell of some sort to calm him. Connor slowly learns to deal with Angel.

Lorne has finally convinced Angel to allow him to open a club in the banquet room and in order to do this they did some remodeling and made an entrance only for that and the Angel Inc offices entrance remained the same.

Willow for a time is the only one from the sunnydale gang that has arrived that was until Faith made her appearance to Angel the one man who always believed in her and also Wesley who she was learning to trust as a watcher and a friend. Buffy, Xander, Julie, and Angelina all in England helping Giles get the slayers dispersed and trained, and to get the council up and running again. Realizing that they can't effectivly watch over the majority of the slayers from just one place they set up branches of the council the main headquarters in england with the stock holders and so on. Then branches on every continent. There would be a secondary main branch in LA where they would maintain the slayers in the United States.

There would be Giles, Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Julie, and Angelina. Angel and his team help set this up in the main area of the hotel and in their off time Angelina and Julie help with Lorne's club. Wolfram and Hart is back up and running and after Angel refused their offer has made a vow to change his mind no matter the cost. Lindsey has come back to LA angry and broken at the loss of the family he almost had and has vowed to become W&H's golden boy again, however, he runs into Willow they talk and somewhat bond and he realizes that he doesn't want that, atleast not now.
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