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Update....did you think I forgot about ya?

First and foremost I want to wish everyone a very merry christmas and happy new year, so on so on.

Now back to business....

I know I have let my comms slip lately and for that I am sorry, but it just seemed like I needed to give everyone time with finals and the holidays, I hope that everyone agrees....anyway starting january first I would like to see this comm posting like woah again. I want to get some evilness happening and heck even some sex people...LOL. I also want to welcome our new Andrew...ok so he isn't so much new as he is returning to us. Will aka andrew_sidekick has returned to bless us with his annoyingness....be prepared.

Also I want to bid a fond farewell to Ashley, due to real life she couldn't stay in this comm, but she will be missed terribly. That doesn't mean that our new Buffy won't be welcomed with open arms. badass__buffy welcome! We also have a new Cordy queenchase. I think tha is all the new people to the comm, so now I would Also like to welcome our new co mod. Gwen has agreed to help with the modding of Inthenow, so everyone welcome aladriana and her many muses.

Now for where we last saw everyone....

Wes and Faith I think are still in week one talking...if I am wrong please let me know.

Xander and Julie - have arrived and she is lurking, someone feel free to tag her post.

Willow - has so far met Lindsey, talked with Buffy and fred. She dodged getting pulled into the middle of the current drama in the lobby, but I am sure she will pay for that later.

Fred, Gunn, Gwen, Angelina, and Connor are in the middle of a thread in the lobby....don't let Gwen leave people. Stall while Connor and Angie finish having sex ;-D

Elizabeth - sadly she will be leaving us, dying a painful death we hope...sorry Ash.

Giles, Tabitha, Buffy, Dawn, and Cait haven't done diddly in a while, three are me so I need to get to posting, but yeah, lets get them with the group.

Angel and Cordy are talking/fighting last I checked.

Lorne and Julianna (Morgan) are still working in caritas, someone come interrupt please...she can only fix so many things. LOL

Lindsey - has been ordered to recruit willow and whatever the cost he doesn't like this of course but needs to do his job....

We shall be seeing Lilah return soon, not sure when and some drama with Lindsey. Be expecting that. If anyone has an idea for a group plot please throw em at me, for now lets get everyone into the hotel and conversing and all in the same week.

Also be expecting a new face...we will have a weekly..ish narrator in the form of a news reporter to update on what has happened, so be watching for that soon. For now happy posting and have a safe and happy holiday.


PS I need to know who all is still here....so please comment to this post and tell me if you're still with us and if you have any ideas to make this comm more exciting.
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